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The perfect {gray} storm

According to my Instagram account, it was 14 weeks ago that THIS happened.


After which I promptly booked an appointment with my colorist and darkened my hair well beyond my natural mousy-brown in an effort to hide all traces of aging. See below.


Fast forward a few weeks: Yesterday I had an eye appointment in which the doctor told me I had a condition that is “brought on by age.”

Today, I was greeted in the bathroom mirror by approximately five shiny white hairs on my head. And those bad boys are thick and wiry. While I only have about an inch of growth from my last coloring, these roots are totally white and glistening, and totally waving a big “eff you” at me. You better believe that I yanked those suckers out; I couldn’t handle them staring back at me.

I’ve been told that a gal’s thirties are supposed to be some of the best years of her life. However, it will be a challenge watching our bodies change. Things start to sag, hairs turn gray (or white in my case), skin gets spotty and wrinkled (what gives?!), eyesight goes, you develop weird “conditions” and yet we are supposed to enjoy these “best years” of our lives.

I have to say that I have high hopes for all the other stuff to come in this decade. It better make these white hairs worth it.

3 Beauty Trends from Fall 2013 Couture

I recently wrote a post on my favorite looks that came out of Fall 2013 Haute Couture week in Paris. However, being the beauty nerd that I am, I also noticed three very distinct beauty trends that emerged.



Let your skin take center stage

Makeup artists created simple, low-maintenance looks at Fall 2013 Couture. The skin on models at Valentino and Giambattista Valli was glowing and healthy-looking because of the Argan Oil base and highlighters used on the skin. A high-shine natural gloss, lightly filled-in brows and a touch of pink on the cheeks completed the look that really let the skin shine.


Giambattista Valli












Slicked-back low buns for Fall

Many designers chose a slicked-back low bun to accompany their haute couture looks this season. With their sleek nature, why would we be surprised? Take a cue from these shows to incorporate an easy, low bun this Fall. Hair at some of these shows featured a clean, central part, while others boasted severe side parts, but both looked like the models’ hair was pulled back when it was soaking wet. This is a great way to control fly-aways while looking utterly sleek.

Elie Saab

Christian Dior













Retro hair and old Hollywood glam still reigns

Makeup and hair at both Chanel and Amani Privé felt very retro and old Hollywood, respectively. Chanel’s stylists created an extreme-faux hawk of sorts with twists to place designer Karl Lagerfeld’s turned-up newsboy-esque hats upon. With bold brows and rouge on the cheeks, the look was simple, yet bold. And definitely retro.

The beauty look at Armani Privé, on the other hand, was the epitome of old Hollywood glam. While the clothes, to me, felt very 80s-inspired, the hair and makeup upped the glam factor. The hair was pin-curls and the makeup was understated yet chic with just a soft shimmer on the eyes and a pale, plum lip.


Armani Privé