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Current Music Obsession: Mayer Hawthorne

Nerdy (but awesome) glasses? Check. Amazing retro sound? Check. Great performer and fashion sense? Check. Fun and funny Twitter account? I’m sold. Heck, I may or may not even have a Mayer Hawthorne bobble head on my desk at work. Ahem. What all this is saying is that I’ve had this obsession for a while… I’ve just needed to get it out.


The first time I saw Mayer Hawthorne was last summer at the Mile High Music Festival – which I’ve since learned is not going to happen again this year

… what gives? Anyway. I’ve had a thing for soul and Motown music for a while and am loving seeing it come back through newer acts like Adele, Raphael Saadiq, and more. Nothing makes you want to dance like this stuff.

Even more, I love how Mayer Hawthorne let’s his personality really shine through. He has a YouTube series called Mayer v. Food, a spin-off of the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food. Basically, Mayer visits infamous eating joints in cities where he’s touring and documents the entire experience. I love it.

My only complaint at this point is that I need more. I need a new album, Mayer!


I estimate I’ve been obsessed with Mayer Hawthorne since mid summer 2010. I liked his music before I saw him at the MHMF, but after seeing the whole thing in person, my level of adoration grew by leaps and bounds. I also saw Mayer again in November 2010 in Boulder, CO… oh, and I met him then and got an autograph. I’m such a fan girl.


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What’s YOUR current music obsession?

Current Music Obsession: One eskimO

I’ve come to the realization that my life is like a soundtrack. I listen to one artist or set of songs on repeat – incessantly – until eventually I stop. The change is usually brought about by small adjustments – a change in the seasons, change in life events, an upcoming or past trip, a good conversation or until I eventually grow tired of it (a rare occasion).

With this realization, I decided to start a new blog series: Current Music Obsession. Each time I realize that I’ve taken up a new music obsession, I’ll blog about it and share here on my site.


Back in August, I went to the Mile High Music Festival. Before going, I didn’t do much research at all – I just wanted to see a lot of bands that I’ve never heard before or seen play live. I did, however, learn from friends that I just had to check out One eskimO. My friend Raquel and I made sure we had a decent spot when they played their set, but I was even more excited to see them perform later in the day… basically just to me. Okay, me and like ten others.

Anyway, the festival had a small tent where smaller acts throughout the day played an acoustic set for about a half hour each. I was lucky to see several acts play in the tent including One eskimO, Amos Lee

, The Constellations and Joe Purdy. It literally felt like my own personal concert.

During the small set, I learned these guys were from the UK, they were all super cute, and I realized I really like the band’s mellow, but soulful sound. Here are a few pictures I took at that acoustic session I was lucky enough to see.


This obsession has been hard-core the last two weeks. I literally can’t stop listening to this band. Since they only have one album, it may end sooner than later – just depends on if I wear it out too soon. Either way, I think these guys will be around for a while and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them.


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What’s YOUR current music obsession?