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My nails are changing colors! (Talking Gel II Reaction Polish)

Simply said, my manicure of choice is a Shellac/Gellish/What-Have-You manicure. Shark Bite

Recently I tried a new type of gel polish that changes colors, called Gel II Reaction polish. My local nail salon (which I may be breaking up with soon for other reasons…) carries two shades out of the brand’s 12 options: Shark Bite and Heat Wave. I tried Shark Bite. When your fingers are warm, the color is a bright blue. But, when they are cold, the polish turns a deep purple. And, the real fun is when the colors are in-between and somewhat half and half. I couldn’t stop staring at my hands all week!

The only downside was that the polish seemed to chip sooner than many other gel manicures I’ve had. I don’t know if I can attribute it to this specific brand or if it’s simply because I spent the week following my manicure in and out of the water in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Not that I’m complaining!).

Either way, I’ll definitely be getting more of these manicures because I can’t wait to try more colors. Besides, when was the last time your nails were so entertaining?