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Results of the SXSW Frame-Off!

Before I left for Austin for SXSW Interactive, I announced I was creating a best-frames-at-south-by challenge. The #sxframeoff. While in Austin, I spotted some amazing spec appeal but also encountered a few unforeseen roadblocks in completing my challenge of finding the best glasses at SXSWi. These included:

  • Getting past the fast-paced, go-go-go factor (nearly impossible to stop someone while they’re rushing from panel to panel)
  • The problem of not being able to interrupt a group conversation in order to tell someone they have great frames
  • Spotting someone with great glasses… on the escalator going the opposite direction from you
  • The fact that I don’t yet have an iPhone with a flash on its camera – this inhibited my ability to take photos at night at the parties… one of the biggest challenges.

All that being said, I do think I found some great specs at SXSW. Below are my favorites:

@camh – His frames are Warby Parker



@ericnakagawa – He orders his frames from Japan… love that.

@ashleykdwilson and @letsgoalltothe

Side view of @letsallgotothe‘s frames

Thanks to everyone who let me take their photos for the #sxframeoff. Until next year…

Put your best frames forward at SXSWi.

To those that know me, it’s no secret I love glasses. Not only do I adore them for myself, I appreciate a good set of frames when I see them.

I recently ordered a new set of glasses from Warby Parker. If you don’t know much about them, the concept is amazing. They offer vintage-style frames, with prescription lenses (polycarb! and anti-reflective coating!) for $95. Besides being drop dead adorable, the best part is that for every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need. That’s right – go do some good and order a pair NOW. (Disclaimer: No, I don’t receive any sort of compensation from Warby Parker from my endless evangelizing of their glasses. Although, perhaps I should.)

Here are my Zaggs that I’m obsessed with:

Okay, okay, enough about me. Why this post?

Well, I’m heading back to Austin again this year for SXSW Interactive (better known as South By Southwest) and I came up with an idea for a unique challenge.

My new glasses and general obsession with great frames has inspired me to challenge all SXSWi participants to a frame-off. Not a face-off, but a frame-off.

Throughout the week, I’ll be finding the best glasses at South By and posting them here on my blog (and Twitter and Instagram). I’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #sxframeoff, so make sure you follow along!

Think you’ve got the best glasses at SXSWi? Find me in Austin.

BRING IT ON and I’ll see you there!

My SXSWi takeaway? Motivation.

Needless to say, my brain is still decompressing from the amount of awesomeness that was SXSW Interactive (SXSWi). A couple of days ago I wrote about SXSW Interactive and QR codes on MGA’s blog, but for this blog, I wanted to write about some of my personal takeaways. First off, I was lucky to room with a great group of friends from the Denver/Boulder area–Elaine, Ingrid, Cali, Meredith (pictured with me to the left) and Mike. Throughout the week I met fantastic people, ate delicious BBQ, listened to awesome people speak, and made stronger friendships with the massive group of Colorado folks in Austin. These were all things that I absolutely expected to happen while there.

The big takeaway for me was a theme that followed me throughout the whole week and while it was unexpected, it was definitely welcome. I wouldn’t say that it came from any particular panel or conversation, but a culmination of the whole experience. We all need a kick in the pants sometimes, and this was mine.

I left Austin feeling motivated. Simple as that.

Motivated to work hard. Motivated to make things happen. Motivated to be the one people count to “get ‘er done,” as we say in Arkansas.

I think the hardest thing about being “motivated” is turning that motivation into action. For me, it starts with spending time after work and on weekends at poaching wifi at coffee shops working on:

  • This blog (which is proving to be harder to keep up with than I thought);
  • The Denver nonprofit I’ve recently started managing social media for (yes, I can end this sentence fragment with a preposition because under my domain, I make the rules); and
  • Any work projects that I can complete to begin Monday with a head start.

Also, since I’m a big fan of to-do lists, I’ve started keeping a personal list so I can mark off accomplishments and progress I’ve made for myself.

While I realize that I’m young and that I could find more “fun” ways to spend my free time, the way I figure, the more time I can spend getting these little things done in my spare time, the less stressed my life will be. It’s all about shifting your mindset.

So if you find yourself working from a coffee shop in Denver, let me know. It is highly likely that I’ll be plugging away at a cafe in Capitol Hill or Uptown on the weekends, at least until Rockies baseball season starts. Then all bets are off!

Preparing for my first SXSWi experience

My flight to Austin leaves Wednesday afternoon. This leaves me approximately 48 hours to tie up all the loose ends, figure out what I’m going to pack (most importantly, which shoes I will take), and ultimately de-stress myself. Oh, and sleep.

Yes, I have been a total stress wad the last week or so. But, I think I have figured out why. Usually when I go on trips I am that person who has thoroughly researched every last teeny-tiny detail before departure (I’m sure I completely annoyed my travel buddies while planning our trip to Spain last September). I could draw you a map of where the hotel is located with my eyes closed. I have walked the area with Google Street View and know (roughly) how many steps it is to the nearest pub. My packing list and the details of each activity I want to do has been written down on a crumply piece of paper for at least a week prior to my leaving. I just do better with a plan.

So, as I said, my flight leaves in 48 hours. I haven’t gone through the SXSW panel list hardly at all. I don’t have the slightest clue what shoes I am packing. And, I still have loads of things I need to wrap-up at work before I depart for a week.

What is saving me right now is knowing that I have amazing friends who remind me to do things before I leave (thanks to Aimee for the iPhone prep e-mail, and Josh and Cali for sending along events I need to RSVP to). Also, I do know where my hotel is, and I do know that I am going to have an amazing time.

Last year I wanted to be at SXSW Interactive so bad and I am really excited to make that happen this year. Honestly, I don’t think I could have handled watching the #SXSWi hashtag run through my Twitter stream again without being there.

If you have any last-minute recommendations for something I may forget, please let me know! I’ve got the Emergen-c, umbrella and multiple power cords covered.

Finding my voice.

Here’s to the start of something (hopefully) great.

I’m heading to SXSW Interactive in just a few days and I made it my personal goal to launch this blog before I depart. I am expecting to be full of inspiration when I return from Austin and I thought it important to have a dedicated place to spew my thoughts afterward.

What am I hoping to get out of this blog? Well, I think I will find my voice as I move through it. Initially, I want to focus on social media and Star Wars because I am a nerd like that. Okay, maybe not Star Wars, but from time to time I may make Nintendo references. Don’t judge.

In any event, social media is something I’m really passionate about, but it’s not the only thing. There are also several other hobbies that I’m hoping to post on from time-to-time like jewelry design, photography, fashion, music and more.

A big shoutout to PJ Hoberman who helped me set up this blog and is hosting my site. For you, I am forever grateful.

Also, I would like to thank Cali Harris for being awesome and for chatting with me over lunch about her blog and how she’s found her voice. Lastly, I’d like to thank the lovely Elaine Ellis for pointing a stern finger at me and pressuring me to get this blog off the ground.

Here’s to getting this going and to the inspiring week ahead.